Birth Control Litigation

Finding an Attorney for a Birth Control Injury

Millions of American women use one form of birth control or another. Unfortunately, some of these women may suffer an injury or even die as a result of using birth control. If you or a family member has an injury from birth control, you may be looking for legal advice. Learn more about the steps you need to take to support a potential accident injury claim.

Types of birth control and associated risks

There are a number of different options for birth control.1 These include:

  • Barrier methods, such as male or female condoms, the cervical cap, and spermicide
  • Hormonal methods, which include contraceptive pills, patches, and injections
  • Implanted methods, including the copper IUD or IUD with progestin
  • Permanent methods, such as sterilization surgery or implant

Your choice of birth control will depend on many different factors, including your medical history, personal circumstances, and lifestyle. Each of these methods carries different risks. Injury cases from birth control range from blood clots2 to serious infection, stroke, and heart attack. It is even possible to die as a result of a birth control injury. As such you may be able to file a lawsuit against the birth control manufacturer.

What to look for in a birth control injury lawyer

If you are looking for legal advice about a birth control injury, you need to find an appropriate attorney. You should always look for an attorney who has recent experience with accident injury claims. He or she may specialize in certain injury cases, such as blood clot lawsuits. A birth control injury lawyer should be able to advise you about the actions you need to take. Your attorney can help you through each stage of any potential accident injury claim.

How to find a knowledgeable attorney

There are a number of online directories that you can use to find a competent attorney. You can also search online to find the details of a local competent attorney who can handle your case. Each state has an authority for licensing lawyers. Search online for details of your local state bar. Your state bar can put you in touch with an appropriate attorney.

You may also belong to a support group for birth control injuries, or you may be aware of such a group in your area. Contact them for details and recommendations of skilled lawyers for birth control injuries. A nonprofit group that has interest in birth control injury may have access to details of an attorney with experience in these lawsuits. Of course, if you have an attorney for other services, he or she may also be able to recommend access to the right kind of legal advice.

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